Six on Saturday 3rd March 2018

Welcome to this weeks blog. This weeks blog is going to be mostly about the beast from the east as it is unavoidable. I have lived in North Northumberland for 46 years and I have never known drifting snow like this. The Cheviots have always had there share but it only usually lasts for a few days for us lowlanders near the coast (although 2009 and 2010 it lasted for month but that was snow drifts and it was colder). My garden has got a 12ft high easterly facing privet hedge but whilst this has sheltered it from the cold wind to some extent there has been a good dumping of snow. I may have had a welcomed visitor to the garden and had a Redwing but it had gone by the time I got my binoculars to confirm it. There has been several sightings of Redwings and Field Fares in berwick gardens this week and even a Green Parakeet, it must have wanted a winter holiday from it’s usual haunts darn sarf!

Here is my six

1 New Sedums


Ordered some half hardy Sedums from in Cornmwall and to say I was delighted with the quality of these would be an understatement. I will be keeping these in the garden during summer in some terrecotta pots but at the moment I have potted them up and put them on a southerly facing window sill. I have bought Sedum “Crocodile”, Sedum Clavatum, Sedum cauticolum (coca cola) and Sedum Palmeri.

2. Front Beds

Some where below there are 2 flower beds at the front of my parking area. Under neath the drifts is a wild flower area, a 15 year old Hebe and a nice conifer, Hopefully I might see them again at some point this year.

3. Alpine pots and troughs



Before and after. the one part of the garden I am not worried about. The alpines will be loving this. These photo’s show how bonkers and changeable the British weather can be. Looking forward to a good display from these this year.

4. Hanging baskets have taken a battering

As I said last week I had planted up a couple of hanging baskets but these have taken a bit of a pummeling. However the primroses are still full of buds so why the leaves will look bedraggled i am sure they will still continue to produce blooms.

4. Perennial\Dahlia bed


Covered! Peeping it’s head above the snow beside the forks is a Hyderanga I bought last year. I am going to remove the snow soon and see how bad it has affected the buds….been putting it off for days.

5. Extension to the “mini” gravel garden


Last year I made a mini gravel garden to the left of the washing line post. I have ordered yet more Sedums from an Nursery in Brittany so I have extended the rockery to the left of the post….honest.

6. Big Shed


I bought a shed last year that for the size of the garden was a tad to big. One of my big projects this year is to turn the shed 90 degrees with the back facing the privet hedge on the left. There is a tall fence behind there shed and I will be building beds and planting a lot of climbers. I am planing on planting a few Pyracantha to attract more birds during the Autumn and winter next year.

If anyone is interested to find out how six on Saturday works please follow the following link The Propagator. The don of six in Saturday.

These are my six on Saturday thanks for reading.

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  1. fredgardener says:

    So cute little sedums to increase your collection! For the Hydrangea, I hope the flower buds won’t fall like some of mine last year…

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  2. I should have put some fleece over them but got caught up ferrying family to and throw from shops before the snow arrived. She is totally cut off now.

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  3. Tim Hewitt says:

    The one job I did at the beginning of last week was prune someone’s eight big hydrangeas. Oops!

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    1. Thanks for the comment.just removed the snow from around it and fingers crossed the buds seem to be ok. Only time willtell


  4. Oh my! You did get a lot of snow!
    I was looking for some sedums as I want to start some in terracotta pots so I will take a look at this site. Thank you for the tip


    1. It’s a really good site….enjoy!

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  5. Jim Stephens says:

    With your growing addiction to Sedums I have to ask where you are going to put the glasshouse, or do you have one already?

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    1. Not got room for a glasshois unfortunately going to put the on a windowsill over winter and if need be a cold frame insulated with polystyrene that I can get in abundance from work


  6. cavershamjj says:

    At least the snow will insulate the plants a little bit from the cold.

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    1. Aye but worried about a couple of Clematises🤪


      1. cavershamjj says:

        I was just inspecting mine as the snow has mostly melted. All in good heart, new growth looks nice and perky. They’re pretty tough


  7. Just looked at the sedum website. Lovely! Think I’ll be adding a few to my very small collection

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    1. Yup will be definitely buying some Sempervivum and Echveria from it also.


  8. I like the look of your sedums- we went on holiday to Cornwall last summer and there are sedums growing everywhere. Hope you find a sheltered corner for them in Northumberland.


  9. Lora Hughes says:

    How does one turn a shed?


    1. Get 3 big mates to help you. Empty it out and then push. If the ancient Britain’s can build Stonehenge we can move a shed


  10. Get 3 big mates to help you. Empty it out and then push. If the ancient Britain’s can build Stonehenge we can move a shed

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    1. Paul Foreman says:

      Get 3 big mates to help you. Empty it out and then push. If the ancient Britain’s can build Stonehenge we can move a shed


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