Six on Saturday 10th March 2018


A working weekend this weekend but I am not going to stop this from writing a blog all be it a quick one.   I am currently sitting in a Drive Thru Starbucks at the Metro Centre and I have grabbed some spent coffee for the compost bin so not all bad.  Photo’s not the best quality because I took them at 7 am this morning.   I am sure my neighbours must think I am mad

1, Sedum Acre


Sedum Acre is fasr becoming one of my favourite plants.  Small is beautiful as they say.

2.  Hyderanga showing no ill effects


After worrying about transferring this in January and with the good dumping if snow the garden had this year I am please to say that my Hydernagea is looking healthy.   Hopefully it will flower this year fingers crossed.

3.  Mini Alpine gravel garden extension


After teasing last week with the picture of my extension under the snow last week here is a picture of the mini gravel garden.  Plants have arrived last week and will be planted next weekend.   I am reckoning I could fit in a good 6 to 8 plants in here.

4.   More Sedums I here you say?


Yup more Sedums.   Is there such a thing as to many Sedums?  Took delivery from Brittany Perennials.   Amongst them is Sedum Red Cauli, Lemon Ball, Makioni, Fabarium, Sieboldii.   Also bought a couple of wee diantus and a couple of Delosperma.

5. More plants from RBG Edinburgh


Passed the RBG Edinburgh this week and popped into see if I could get a bargain.  Wasn’t disappointed.   Got these 2 for half price.  Veronica Longifloa Charlotte and  a type of Primula Sideolli.  Both plants sprouting healthily.

6. Vibrant Hebe in the early morning



pleased to say after a substantial covering of snow and the council workers dumping some snow over my front wall to clear a path my Hebe is looking good.

This is my six on Saturday.  Normal service to return next week.

Six on Saturday is the brainchild of The Propagator.  Please follow the link to get some pointers of how to write your blog.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine P. says:

    Hebe is looking great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. fredgardener says:

    I do like your mini-hebe ! on my wish-list to be next a variegated one that I have.


  3. Lora Hughes says:

    Your sedum are looking gorgeous but as above, it’s the hebe. As you love your sedum, I go weak in the knees for a strapping hebe & yours is . . . electrically healthy looking. Great six.


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