Six on Saturday 9tb June 2018

Hi and welcome to my Six on Saturday.

Mother Nature has take control of the garden and has put it in over drive. Whilst not overly warm the sun has shone for periods on most days and we actually had a little bit of rain last weekend. I am especially happy with the way some parts of the garden taking shape, especially the mini durable garden, the dry bed trough, herbaceous border and a wild flower patch. The borage I have planted in there has become a magnet for bees.

I have been stayed away for work a couple of nights so I have not spent as long in the garden as I would have liked but all the hard work and long hours I have spent in the garden has meant that it can start looking after itself for long periods.

Hope you enjoy this weeks SOS.

1. Trollious Chinesis Golden Queen

Commonly known as the Globeflower this plant has outstanding deep orange flowers. I have just planted it in the garden a couple of weeks ago in my sunny border but have read that it likes moist soil so will probably move it in the autumn to the new north facing bed. The orange reminds me of orange squash or the Dutch Football shirt from the 70’s.

2. Clematis The President


First year growing this and it has 4 flowers but wow what flowers. Coloured purple with touches of blue this plant will hopefully produce more flowers next year.

3. Sedum Ewerssi


Pink Mongolian stonecrop is a wonderful compact plant with round blue green leaves. This is going to be a wonderful addition to the garden. It is planted I. A terracotta half pot with Sedum Tricolour and Sedum Pluricale.

4. Geum Mai Tai

Another Geum from the Mai Tai collection I bought this is as a plug plant for J Parker’s this year and I am growing it on in a pot before I plant it in the main garden. As you can see it has lovely salmon pink/apricot coloured petals. I am sure this will go from strength to strength when it is planted in the main border next year.

5. Dianthus

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