Six on Saturday 23rd June 2018

Good morning and welcome to my Six on Saturday. Working weekend so this is going to be a quick one.

We actually had rain this week and it was pretty substantial. It even filled one of my Water Butts. However the weather forecast is for high pressure and hot and dry weather for the foreseeable future.

The Perennials I have grown from seed have all been potted up and they seem to be doing well.

I have not spent a lot of time in the garden because of the World Cup but I have made sure I have spent at least and hour a day. The rain has put a new vigour in the garden and the plants have had a welcome boost.

Here is my SOS.

1. Jacobs Ladder Bressingham Purple

Is a fantastic plant. Not only does it have fantastic flowers it the foliage is dark and variegated with dark greens and browns. The bees seem to love it as well. It is getting a little bit overwhelmed with the Lilies beside it but that should be easily rectified when I thin the Lilies out in the autumn.

2. Pink Oxalis

This is by far my favourite flower in the garden. Small pink flowers that come back profusely year after year. Oxalis can be invasive but I don’t believe this one is and it is tucked away at the bottom of an ivy hedge and not in the main bed.

3. Pelargonium Lord Bute

The Pelargoniums I bought from Fibrex Nurseries are all thriving. They all have healthy foliage but at the moment not very many flowers. I am sure there will be more flowers just around the corner. The flowers that they do have are wonderful. Lord Bute’s flowers are a wonderful combination of really dark purple and pink and the rain certainly shows the flowers wonderfully.

4. Orostatchys Dunces Cap

Orostachys are a succulent that can be found in the Far East. Native to Russia, Mongolia, China and Japan amongst others. They don’t like moisture and grow in really arid conditions but can survive temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius. I have planted these in a pot wit a really heavy gravel mix. When I saw this plant this morning I thought that the clear blue sky made a great black ground and showed of the colours of the foliage at it’s best. As you can see they are starting to flower and hopefully they should grow and last throughout the summer. When I read up on them I get mixed messages. Some say they are biennials and other perennials. On things to sure is not to let them get damp over the winter as they do not like to be wet and cold over winter so I will pop it in a corner of my cold frame in the autumn.

5. Border taking shape

I am really pleased with how my main border is taking shape. There is a little bit of over crowding but nothing that can’t wait until autumn.

6. Russian Stonecrop

Not the best photo. This was take yesterday in early morning light. This Sedum is a strong grower and I have it in many places. Thought it would be topical for the World Cup….come on England! We still believe.

That is my SOS for this week. Hope you have enjoyed it. Off to work now. Until next week.

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  1. Ali says:

    I’ve only just started noticing pink oxalis. It is beautiful!

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  2. fredgardener says:

    Nice first picture! This Jacob’s Ladder is adorable. I don’t grow them here but you make me want to sow, plus it’s a perennial … Thank you. (and good luck for the World Cup … even if the start of our teams are not the best …)

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    1. Yes Fred it really is a stunning plant. The foliage is different as well but it is getting swapped a little by plants I have planted to close.

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  3. Mala Burt says:

    The border is looking glorious. Lots of texture and color. Love it!

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  4. janesmudgeegarden says:

    The border is looking splendid: such an interesting combination of colours. And Orostachys is interesting, I might be able to grow that here.

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    1. The border was a bit of a fluke TBH. There was a little bit of planning but not much. Sometimes that is the best gardening. I got to admit I quite like it as well.

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  5. My favorites are Dunces Cap and Lord Bute! Could be the title of something in a book!

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    1. Ha it could be a title of a book couldn’t it! Might work better the other way round🤣


  6. March Picker says:

    Your photos bring that beauty to life! Great depth and texture. That Lord Bute is a stunner.

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  7. Heyjude says:

    Your border looks lovely and colourful. I like the Jacob’s Ladder and the Oxalis.

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  8. tonytomeo says:

    Oxalis?! Seriously? I know it looks great close up, but it is still OXALIS!
    Anyway, that pelargonium is pretty sharp! Those do very well on the coast here. I have grown some very dark burgundy ones, but none as dark as yours.
    I have seen that Russian stonecrop before, but I do not remember where. I would not have recognized it as a sedum. The foliage resembles that of kalanchoe.

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    1. Yes mate seriously. Oxalis/wood sorrel/shamrock whatever you want to call it. Tastes good as well.

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        Oca is a trendy starch vegetable here. I have not tried it yet. It seems like it would be more work than it is worth. However, I might try it if I my health dictates that I should eat less potatoes.


  9. Your border is looking fantastic – particularly like the contrast between the purple Jacobs Ladder and orange lilies. Lord Bute is a handsome wee chap too!

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    1. Thanks very much. Year Jacobs Ladder is a particular favourite of mine also.

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  10. Great Six. Orostachys is a new plant to me. When over, do the flowering stems die like some other succulents do?


  11. cavershamjj says:

    That pelly looks fab. I must visit fibrex and invest in some more interesting varieties. I normally just buy a couple of trays of cheap and cheerful in the local diy shed.

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