Is this Clematis stalk damaged beyond repair.


Just a quick SOS (Save our Souls not the usuals blog).

One of the stalks on last years best Clematis has seemed to have split due to the wind. I have it on a metal frame and I think it was buffeted by the endless wind we had a couple of weeks ago. The foliage above it seems to be ok. Please see below. Will it repair it self?

Any help would be great fully received….

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  1. fredgardener says:

    I often have stems that split because of the wind. New plans start from the “eyes”, so I would say don’t worry, wait & see. Maybe I’m wrong, but 2 of my clematis seem fragile at the bottom and new stems and buds grow above this area.

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    Did it split, or merely exfoliate? Clematis often has long filaments of shed bark hanging on the stems. To me, the picture seems to show a healthy stem (lower on the right side of the picture) with a strip of shed bark attached to it. If so, it is harmless. If it really did split, I would go with the advise above. If it is bothered by the split, it will just make new stems below.


    1. tonytomeo says:

      If the stem is exfoliating, the stem should be firm and rounded, and the shed bark would be empty and dry.

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      1. Thanks Tony that is great advice.

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