Schlumbergera….an apology.

I bought this plant last year at the RBGE and this is the second time it has flowered in 5 months.

I was always non fussed when it came to Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving Cacti because of 2 reasons. No 1 you always seem to get them thrusted upon you when you go to a garden centre and in shoemakers at the end of each year and secondly I can remember the old dusty one that my granny had in the corner of her bedroom that always looked sorry for itself, limp and dry. If plants could talk it would stay “help me”.

However this plant has really turned my head. The flowers are of course like most of these Cacti spectacular with the added bonus of a shocking pink halo at the top of the flower and a pink stamen. It truly is a beautiful flower.

These plants are of course easy to take care of if you follow basic rules.

  • Keep moist but do not over water in the summer
  • Water well when the plant is flowering and stowing new leaves at the end and start of the year
  • Do not put in direct sunlight when plant is active – this one is in a north facing window
  • Do not put in direct draughty and excessive temperature change.
  • Use a weak fertiliser during the plants active period

These plants are from the tropical rainforests of South and Central America and live on trees so like the shade and need watered more than other forms of Cacti.

This plant has really converted me and I am sure it will not be my last. It just goes to show you should never judge a plant by memories.

This will not be my last seasonal cactus.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Because they are epiphytic, I planted them on top of rotting stumps that I was in no hurry to get rid of. The accelerated the decay, so the stumps eventually just fell over.

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