Tulip Spectacular

Well it is the time of the year when all the tulips in the garden put on a show that raises your spirits and puts a “spring” in your step. I have 7 pots of tulips this year with a couple planted using the lasagne method. Where you plant one kind of tulip, put some compost over them then plant another layer of a different bulb.

Here is a pick of the tulips I have flowering this year.

Tulip Yokohama

A stunning yellow tulip I particularly like how the way the sepal sometimes sticks to the flower and has a yellow streak like a go faster stripe. This really does brighten up a boring corner in the Garden.

Tulip Pacific Pearl

A beautiful rich red colour these frilly tulips give a bit of dandy elegance to the garden. They are certainly charming an nothing to be afraid of. Enough of the Adam Ant references. I was not really a fan of frilly tulips as I thought they were a little over the top but turns out I was wrong. I have planted these with Miami Sunset and got the sizes the wrong way around, so the taller Miami Sunset is on the outside but weirdly this works.

Princess Irene

A tulip with electric orange and purple stripes. This medium size Tulip packs a punch.

Tulip Flaming Flag

I will be honest but I have no ideas while this tulip is called flaming flag. When I think flaming I do not think of a tulip that is lilac with purple streams. This triumph tulip has struggled a bit and I seem to have r a couple of deformed flowers.

Tulip Cairo

This is one of last years tulips. I have planted them directly into a border and along with the next Tulip Ronaldo they seem to be doing well. This one has rich orange colours with a red blush. It also has a hint of honeycombs.

Tulip Ronaldo

Again one of last years Tulips. Last year this one was much more darker in colour u this year it is a lighter crimson with a hint of light purple. A cracking performer.

Well that is a selection of this years Tulips. If any of you have any suggestions of Tulips for next year write a comment below.

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  1. Lovely display. I particularly like Yokohama, such a clear yellow. I think you’ve helped me identify my unknown variety from SoS. They look a lot like your Princess Irene.


  2. You have a good selection.
    Belle Époque is a favourite of mine this year.


  3. n20gardener says:

    I wish my Ronaldo had come out the same colour as yours. Mine was purple and definitely not red. Also love Flaming Flag – quite happy with it!!

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