Six on Saturday 25th May 2019

Hello and welcome to SOS.

Well we have had something we didn’t get the whole of last summer in North Northumberland, rain during the night and sun during the day. Yes actual wet rain and lots of it. It has perked up the garden no end.

Unfortunately after a week off I am back in to the day to day grind of work. Of course I have made sure that I spend a couple of hours on the garden every night when I arrive home. There is nothing better than being in the garden when it is still light after 9pm.

Last Sunday I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep so I spent a garden in between 5.30am and 6.30am and it was brilliant. I got so much done. I moved plants around and just gave the garden some TLC. I can’t be the only one that likes gardening in the early hours during summer can I?

Here is my six.

1. Allium Purple Sensation

I think Alliums are fantastic. I have 3 varieties at the moment and have just ordered some more for the autumn. The main thing I like about them is the metamorphosis from flower bud to flower. The bud stands there for weeks then All of a sudden it starts to open. It doesn’t explode into life it gradually opens over a week which lets you get the opportunity to take pictures of it the flower in different stages.

2. Border filling in nicely

It’s amazes me how a barren piece of dirt all over winter with lots of bare sticks and distressed leaves can turn into something so vibrant in the matters of weeks. This time of year really does show how important the seasons are. I am now 90% happy with this border and don’t plan any drastic changes over the next year. The only plant I am disappointed with is Sisyrichium Aunt May. It has lots of healthy leaves but no signs of flowers. Hopefully it will start showing some signs of flowering soon

3. Melttiis Royal Velvet Distinction

I had no idea this plant existed until last year. A cultivar of The wildflower which is known as Bastard Balm for some reason this plant is performing great this year. The flowers look like pink tongues which attract bees. I also like the distinctive veins in the lush green leaves. I bought this at Edrom Nurseries so it shows you that going to local specialist nurseries opens your eyes to different type plants that you get for the big nurseries.

4. Brunnera Jack Frost

What is it with small blue and white flowers, especially at this time of year. Forgot me Nots, Navelwort, Brunnera….this plant is loving this weather and it’s shady place behind a foxglove and a climbing rose.

5. Sempervivum Blue Boy

I have a bit of an obsession with Sempervivums and must have over 40 now. This is one of my favourites at the moment. Blue boy. Hits of blue amongst Khaki Green, Red and Orange colours it catches the eye.I thought I had better post this to keep Granny sweet

6. Erusimum Red Jep


A new one to me this one is a refreshing change from the usuals wallflowers. A little bit smaller and compact to Bowles Mauve hopefully this one will flower for 2 to 3 years.

That is my six.

The weather forecast is looking a bit poor for next week from Monday onwards but it is a bank holiday so I suppose it is to be expected.

That is my SOS. If you want to write one it is not that difficult. As always to find out how six on Saturday works please follow the following link The Propagator. The don of Six on


Until next week goodbye.

20 Comments Add yours

  1. fredgardener says:

    Nice colors your erysimum ! I think you will enjoy it for many years if you can get seeds. ( as other wallflowers?)

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  2. Lora Hughes says:

    I think your border is perfect, too! How lovely it is. Your brunnera is more green than my Jack Frost, although I can see a little veriegation in the background. I wonder if that’s effected by the amount of sun, the way the spider fatsia is?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you. Oh I think the green on the Jack Frost photo is the Foxglove in front of it.

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  3. Early morning gardening is the best! Not that I do it that often. Lovely to see every filling out and looking fine and healthy. Sure your sisyrinchium will be in flower soon. 🙂

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    1. Hope you are right. The leaves are looking good though..

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  4. One Man And His Garden Trowel says:

    The border looks great as do those alliums. I’ve not tried gardening that early before! May gave it a go the next time I can’t get back to sleep.

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  5. Jim Stephens says:

    I’ve got seedlings of that Melittis going from seed I collected last summer. Thought I’d dot them around in some of the less hospitable bits of the garden. The wild form grows in a lane near here, fighting it out with everything else in the hedgerow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Would love to see the wild form. My plant actually got battered a bit by the wind yesterday.


  6. cavershamjj says:

    That border looks fab, you must be very happy with it. The birds usually have me awake early at this time of year, I’m often up and out in the garden at half 5 at this time of year, even if it’s just to sit down with a coffee and a book. Peaceful.

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    1. Thanks yes really pleased with the way the border is filling out. The only other problem I have got in my Border is my Hydrangea leaves are a little bit crispy. Think they got toasted in the hot weather last month


  7. Heyjude says:

    Gosh, all you early birds out there! I am so not a morning person, but I do like wandering around in the evening watching the sun setting behind the hill. I have grown several alliums this year, they are as you say rather spectacular flowers to watch and photograph. I love the large open star form – Christophii – so delicate looking.

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    1. Thanks Jude. Can’t wait to get my hands on the 3 new varieties of Alliums in the Autumn and plant them.

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  8. Thank you. I was getting concerned at photo 4, but all is well! I am going to plant out my indoor Sedums into a spare terracotta trough this week because they are just squashed together in the terrarium and the green glass jar.

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  9. Your border’s looking great, lovely and full. The Erysium is a different colour to any of mine. Interesting


  10. n20gardener says:

    Always something new, you are so right about the speciality nurseries, so much more to be tempted by.

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  11. The mellitis is a new one for me – lovely! Your border is looking great

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    1. It is also known as Bastard Balm. Excuse the language.

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  12. Your border is looking good and full with lots of interesting sizes & shapes. Love alliums and your sempervivums


  13. tonytomeo says:

    All this business with alliums! So many have posted pictures of them. I have never grown them, and had not intended to try. However, they might be a bulb that can grow as a perennial with the minimal chill we get here.
    I’m getting to like brunnera too. I would not plant any, but I would be more inclined to give our native form it’s space.

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