Sempervivums enjoying the rain.

Sempervivums can be one of the most drought tolerant pants that you can plant in your garden. This does not mean they do not love the rain. As long as you plant them in a soil with plenty of drainage (they don’t like wet feet). They will last in your garden forever.

Here is a few photo’s I have taken in the garden today.

Proud Zelda


Bronze Pastel




Lavender and Old Lace

Hope you have enjoyed them as much as me this morning.

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  1. Nat says:

    I’m somewhat new to truly embracing succulents. Silly me look at all the gorgeousness I missed 😊. Virgil is a stunner.

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    1. Thank you. They do look beautiful all the different colours and a good stress buster.

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      1. Nat says:

        I’m curious… What would your five favourite succulents be?

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      2. Oh that is so difficult. I would say Echeveria Glauca, Aeonium Zwartkopf, Aeonium Sunburst, Sempervivum Tectorjm (common houseleek whchch has many hybrids) ans Sedum Clavatum

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  2. Beautiful pictures and I so envy you your rain

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  3. Nat says:

    Both Aeoniums I love too. Hadn’t seen that Sedum before, it is fabulous!

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  4. tonytomeo says:

    Those that are native on the coast here get no rain for most of the year, and then get quite a bit through a brief winter. They seem to be happy with what they get.

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    1. Yes they are hardy soles.

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