Senicio Rowleyanus/Herrianus part 2

I posted a blog about how to grow String is tears/beadwork /pearls – delete as appropriate about 7 weeks aand promised a follow up blog and here it is. As you can see the plant I purchased front the House of Botanics in Newcastle is doing really well.

As you can see the leaves are green and luscious and it is sprouting loads of new growth. I am really pleased with how it looks. The first thing I did was transfer the plant with a compete route ball ftom the plastic pot to a tall terracotta pot with lots of drainage on the sides and at the bottom. I used a mixture of gravel and sharp sand.

I started to water once a week but as it got warmer and the soil drier I actually increased it to twice a week. The quantity of water I used was small about 100ml to 200ml and I made sure I used a small watering can with a smallish sprout so I could control the water. I only used rain water to water the plant as this is recommended for all succulents. I have only fed the plant once which was last week and J used a small quantity of Cactus Fertiliser. Since then the leaves have shone and look really healthy.

I have put the plant in a bright North facing window to stop the leaves getting damaged in direct sun. One thing I have done is be ruthless and I have cut off any strings that are spindly. I always cut the stalk below the last health leaf.

I am really pleased with how this is looking and hopefully I have figured out to grow these type of plants. As you can see the evidence is looking positive.

Here is some rules that I think you should follow in no particular order.

  • Do not look at Instagram and get plant envy. That is the worse thing you could do especially when it comes to these plants. As you can see from below people can manipulate the pictures to make the plant more healthy. The 1st photo is my plant from the top with all the strings hanging down. The second one is the same plant with all the strings placed on top of the plant.

  • When buying a plant always transfer from the plastic plant pot you buy it with to a terracotta pot with plenty of drainage added. The terracotta lets the roots breath and draws moisture out.
  • Every bit of advice that you can read tells you to water sparingly and they are right. You only need a small bit of water not a Tsunami. You will soon get used to know how much water you should give the plant.
  • Cut back watering drastically during the winter. The plant goes dormant in winter and does not need much water.
  • Don’t put in direct sunlight. North facing will do if bright enough
  • Don’t be afraid to cut straggly bits off below the last healthy pearl. I don’t waste these and I push them back in the soil, hopefully they will root and make the plant look fuller
  • Lastly don’t be frightened. These can be difficult to grow but as long as you are disciplined and don’t look at Instagram you will be fine.

I hope you found the above blog informative. Any feedback and tips would be great. I will post another update on the Autumn.

Until then goodbye

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  1. fredgardener says:

    Stunning and interesting plant that needs a look !

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    I find that this is one of those plants that is happiest if ignored. I sort of watered it, but let it get a bit dry. I notice that those get pampered are not as happy, just like you mention. Mine were not planned. I acquired it from a job site.

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