Six on Saturday 1st June 2019

Hello and welcome to this weeks SOS.

Pinch punch it’s the first of the month and by the end of the month the nights will be drawing in lol.

The garden is in full growing mode and it is the time of year when you always see loads of new growth and flowers when you come home. We have had more rain this week and even more rain this week and it is getting a little boring now. However my water butts are just about full and the garden is positively gleaming and looks completely different compared to this time last year. Having said that I have just looked at the 10 day forecast and it does look like it is gong to be a tad inclement. Remind me never again to compare in my blog about “drought” conditions

I was very lucky to spend a couple of hours at Lilburn Tower gardens on Sunday afternoon which was open for the NGS open day. The gardens were fantastic, especially the pond garden. I have written a blog about it here Lilburn Tower Gardens.

Here is my six.

1. Failure

We’ll failure is a bit strong, more like ignorance. This Bridge of Sighs climbing rose is has extremely health leaves and vigorous growth but obviously aphids are eating the flowers. Needless to say a spray has been purchased and all roses will be treated this weekend.

2. Armeria Martina tall stalk

This is probably a common variety of Armeria but the stalks are pretty tall compare to the other ones I have got. Brought in a reduced to clear corner of a Garden Centre the stakes are about 30cm fall and are far taller than the other variety I have got which has the same flower. The flowers are really vibrant. Sea Thrift really is a much underrated plant and will always have a place in my garden. Yesterday I noticed huge clumps of sea thrift on the verge of the A1 just North of Berwick. I had never seen them there before.

3. Actae Simplex (Baneberry).

I now have this in 2 places. One in my shady border and the other one in a small strip of earth in front of my mini gravel garden. The dark brown leaves always give you a different colour in the garden then in Autumn it produce white flower spikes with a hint of baby Pink that bees love. This is doing really well this year so much so it might need divided.

4. Allium Mount Everest

This is the Allium that when it was growing I thought it was a show leek. This is the first year I have grown it and it lives up to the reviews I read in people’s blogs last year. It has beautiful white flowers that shimmer in the sun. Definitely going to have to have this in my garden every year. Question how long do Allium Bulbs last?

5. Dahlias planted

There seems to be a lot of folk lore and advice when it comes to planting Dahlia’s directly into the garden but two weeks ago I planted these directly into the garden and it seems to be going well. This year the selection includes Blu Bayou, Micks Peppermint, Christopher Taylor, Polka, Embrace and Silver City.

6. Clematis Josephine

This plant has a big bud which opens to an unusual shaped flower wit a cotton bud centre. Unfortunately it looks like the Aphids are starting to nibble at these as well so these will be getting sprayed this weekend.

That is my six.

I am off weekend and hopefully it will stay sunny. I should have some more Bolivian and Argentina cacti this weekend but they don’t seem to have arrived yet.

That is my SOS. If you want to write one it is not that difficult. As always to find out how six on Saturday works please follow the following link The Propagator. The don of Six on Saturday.

Until next week goodbye.

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  1. One Man And His Garden Trowel says:

    Okay, that allium has been added to my list! Josephine looks really intricate. My dahlias have been outside in pots for a while but I’ve not got around to planting any in the ground yet.

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  2. My allium bulbs seem to last about 3 years before they lose vigour and start shrinking, but it depends on the allium type and soil. Some will naturalise. Some will rot in some soils. I top up most of the cultivated larger varieties each year to make sure there are always some.

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  3. fredgardener says:

    I posted yesterday on Twitter about Sea Thrift and I think we have the same variety. I thought of you last night, one of my sedums is in bloom .. the photo soon!

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    1. Gee thanks. I am starting to amass quite a collection of Sempervivums for you but will probably not send them until next Spring.

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      1. fredgardener says:

        Oh thank you ! I have time, no problem. I will send you a picture of mine for swap if you want


  4. cavershamjj says:

    I am trying to avoid spraying but between aphids and thrips it’s quite a challenge. I’m finding I can jet wash aphids of the stems, or squish smaller colonies. I worry about collatoral damage on pollinating insects with a proper pesticide. I confess I have used a small amount in particularly bad cases. Your weather does look a bit shite but at least you won’t need to water!

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  5. Nice Armeria. I saw Clematis Josephine at Chelsea this year – it is a lovely variety. Sorry for your weather 😦

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  6. We could do with some of that rain down south. We’ve had a bit this week but not enough for new plantings. I think planting dahlias direct is a great idea as long as the soil is warm enough, as evidenced by yours.

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  7. March Picker says:

    That is a whopper of a lovely clematis and one I’m unfamiliar with. Too bad about all your trouble with pests, but there’s still tons to admire. I have dahlias sprouting here as well that were recently planted, but I did need to spread slug bait when I saw nibbles…

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  8. The dreaded aphid seem to be affecting a lot of people at the moment, including me! I love actaea, such beautiful foliage and then you get the fabulous flowers as a bonus. I think your thrift might be Armeria pseudoarmeria, they have very long stems and less divided leaves. Good luck with the dahlias!

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    1. Thanks I think you are right with the Armeria.

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  9. tonytomeo says:

    #1 does not seem to be indicative of ignorance. It happens even here in one of the best places in the World for roses. Our aphid are much worse than yours, but I am not panicked yet.
    Are dahlias planted this late because of the potential for very late frost? I like to plant mine before the rains stops. They are blooming now, although they bloom best just before autumn. I don’t know why.
    Mount Everest is one of the alliums I am considering trying next year. I only want to try alliums to determine if they will be perennial here where winters are so mild.

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  10. Love C. ‘Josephine’. My white Alliums haven’t appeared this year, ‘Purple Sensation’ is weakening but ‘Christophii’ goes from strength to strengh. I seem to have aphids of every colour in my garden. I’m a fan of zapping them with water from the hose. Works quite well

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    1. Yes the Clematis is a little bit special. There has been loads of flowers that have opened this weekend.


  11. That clematis is so beautiful I don’t think I dare to make the comment you may expect from me! More of your usual next week, I hope? Nice Six.
    PS. The weather was lovely here this morning so I did a couple of loads of washing…..they are getting a couple of extra rinses outside just now!

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    1. Ah I have written a extra blog this week about succulents this week just posted it.


  12. Gorgeous clematis! If my roses get greenfly, I spray with diluted washing up liquid (its sticky and apparently clogs them up), but we don’t get a lot – I’ve got lavender and rosemary planted quite close to a lot of them and of course the birds, particularly tits and sparrows feast on them.

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    1. Thanks yes that Clematis is special…


  13. Heyjude says:

    Josephine is a beauty! Your weather forecast looks a lot like mine 😦
    Although saying that the garden does need rain.


  14. Lora Hughes says:

    Both your rose & clematis are so beautiful. I didn’t realise my actaea will need separating – that’s great news! What could possibly be better’n free plants, especially something as nice as actaea?

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    1. Why thank you….thinking hard on what is better than free plants…….


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