What a different 19 weeks make.

I was charting to another blogger about just how hardy some succulents are and they asked if I left all my troughs I have planted out with the said succulents over winter. I do leave all my hardy succulents (Sedums and Sempervivums) our without any issues. I decided to look back through my photo’s to see if I had any photo’s to illustrate this. The below photo’s perfectly illustrate this.

The first photo was taken on the 1st February this year and the second one was taken last week on the 12th June. The photos really do show just how wonderful nature and the seasonal change is. It also shows how hardy some succulents are. The only new plant I have planted is a Sempervivum in front of the white tag.

Of course all semi hardy succulents need some protection over the winter but a good majority only need protected against the wet weather over winter as some can survive below freezing. It is the Cold and Wet that kills them. To much stress from both of these will break down the structure of the leaves.

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  1. Heyjude says:

    What potting mix do you use? I am guessing a lot of grit? I know they need good drainage and that it is likely to be the wet we get here in the west country more than the cold that kills them.

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    1. Yes lots of grit about 50/50 up here…

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    2. They will grow in really poor gritty sandy soil.

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    Even in our mild winters, some of the softer succulents sometimes get frosted. The do not need much protection. Those that get frosted to the ground typically regenerate very efficiently.

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