Summer Border musings from Border Country part 1.

I wrote in my precious post that I like my borders to be absolutely packed with plants and above is a picture of my border. Technically it is North facing because of the shed at the back of the border and does not get any major sum because of the 10ft hedge to the left but this does not stop things growing as you can see. It just means that plants flower later than in some other gardens and plants grow a bit taller to reach the sun.

Some highlights include my dry trough at the front full of Sedums, Sempervivum, Thyme and Saxifraga. I have just discovered this week that as this trough is on bricks over 2 sleepers that had a gap some mice have moved in. I am at a quandary what to do as there is no sign of them in the house and the neighbours have not complained. Perhaps I will leave them for the neighbours cats.

The tall plants on the right are Allium Summer Drummer and they must be 2m high. They are late flowering than other Alliums but by the looks of it they should be flowering soon. I am going to have to stake them to protect them from any wind soon. The yellow rose is David Austin tottering about nicely.

At the back you can see Jacobs Ladder, Trollus Golden Queen and Sisyrichium Aunt May with it’s spikes of yellow flowers. Behind these is a Hydrangea that I got from Homebase for a fiver but is going great guns and fingers crossed the display will be fantastic this year.

In the middle we have 3 Eryngiums, big blue, Neptune’s Gold and Blue Star and the Blue Star is the most striking this year. The small yellow flower buds in the front are from Sedum Frosterianum.

To the right you can see Digitalis Suttons Apricot and the Purple Allium Antropurperum. This is the only one that has survived after I planted 10. Hopefully the others will make a showing this year.

I hope you like the photo. I am running out of space to plant things but I have got a number of Alliums arriving in the Autumn so watch this space.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Heyjude says:

    I love a packed border, however sometimes they do become too congested and plants start to flag. I have had to pull out a lovely bronze fennel because it was far too big for my raised bed and also several Euphorbias. I think taller plants like you have growing are a good idea – they don’t fill out so much to overshadow their neighbours.

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    I have seen worse. Yours looks more like it is just full of plants than overly crowded. They seem to be well managed too. There is much less in my little patch here, but I really need to get out there to groom them!

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        You are welcome.


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