Monday’s Nature Walk 30th March

Hi and welcome to my first Nature Walk Blog

One of the things I will be doing more during this period of lockdown is trying to make sure I get out and go for a long walk as often as possible. Being of a large build and having to drive a lot for work means my ankles at times are not the best, so at the moment I try and go for a walk once every 2 days.

If I see anything when I am walking to do with nature or see a view that looks stunning I will take a photo and write a brief description. Hopefully Derbyshire police will not be monitoring my actions.

Today’s Walk

Got up this morning with mini aches and pains and when I looked out the window the sun was shining. Started off at a slow pace and gradually got faster. Roads were empty and as always there was not a lot of people around. I can understand fully why we are in a Lockdown but I have to say I really worry for places like Skellys the Butchers that have been in Berwick for over 200 years. Walked through Castlegate car park to the Golf Course to the cliffs then went along the top of the cliffs to the back of the pier and sat for 10 mins at the shelter immortalised by LS Lowry at the back of Berwick Pier.

When I was sitting taking in nature I noticed the albino Blackbird that I saw a couple of months ago was hopping around in front of me and this time was close enough to take your photo.

When I first saw it a couple of ago I thought that it had got it’s head stuck in something but after reading up about them they are actually pretty common.

Behind Berwick Pier there is a house on it’s own which has a wonderful garden. There was 2 particular things that stood out in that garden this morning a Bergenia that seems to have been for decades and gets crustier and better looking every year.

There is also a wonderful bank of daffs which always makes me smile at this time of year.

Walking back along Pier Road the Elizabethan Walls looked particularly sparkly in the Spring sunshine this morning and this was is one of my favourite views of the walls. I am sure I will be writing about the walls in future posts.

Well that’s it for my first Nature Blogs walk hope you have enjoyed it.

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  1. Good to be walking and observing in your lovely part of the UK

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  2. Lovely to see part of the country that I don’t know (there’s a lot of those!). Keep the posts coming


  3. Pam says:

    Enjoyed your walk around Berwick. My grandfather had a joiners shop on Sallyport, pre war, so I love to visit each time we holiday in Northumberland.

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  4. pammary71 says:

    Enjoyed your walk around Berwick. My grandfather had a joiner’s shop on Sallyport, prewar. We try to visit each time we holiday in Northumberland.

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    1. Oh that sounds wonderful. I am lucky I live in such a beautiful area. Hopefully you’ll back up soon.


  5. Heyjude says:

    How delightful to see more of your lovely part of the world. That bank of daffodils is fantastic.

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