Furloughed 12 weeks of gardening…..perhaps…..week 2

Hello and welcome to a more light hearted and left field weekly blog during my period of being stuck at home during the COVID-19.

I have to admit I am beginning to get a little bit stir crazy now of being at home everyday. It’s just not something I am used to as for the last 25 years I have always worked away from my home town be it living away in Sussex, Middlesex, Bristol or Manchester or travelling up or down the A1 to Newcastle or Edinburgh every day. One of the saving graces has been my garden which I have been making full use of everyday. I am so glad I took up gardening properly 3 years ago.

As you may have noticed I have been writing more blogs and I have started weekly one on Monday about Nature Walks I have been taking for my 1 exercise a day around my home town Berwick upon Tweed. Yes definitely nature walks definitely not naturist walks as I mentioned in a conversation to a mate.

Here are 3 random things I have noticed in the garden.

1. Aeonium Goblin

I featured this in a Six on Saturday a few weeks ago as the plant was looking generally sorry for itself and dishevelled. After closer inspection today I decided the main plant was beyond saving bit notices that a few of the stems had little babies coming around the main rosette so I cut off the stems and have potted them up. I should get 3 decent plants hopefully.

2. Aeonium Emerald Ice

Talking about babies this Aeonium has loads of them I counted about 12 of them all in a spiral around the stem.

3. The garden needs rain!

I had better whisper this quietly. I know there has been devastating floods in other parts of the country and some of you have had it really bad but up here in North Northumberland we have hardly had any rain for weeks. The garden is pretty parched in places and we could do with a couple of days of rain. On the plus side at least the weather looks good for the next 2 weeks of the lockdown.

That’s it for this week. No doubt I’ll be definitely be back next week because the way the government is handling this it looks like unfortunately this is going to go on for months not weeks.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Rain!? A distant but distinct memory as it wiped out golf for the winter and made gardening challenging! We’re not dried out yet, but confined to barracks in any event. I’m also glad I’ve got gardening..

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  2. Hope you get some rain soon. Mind what you wish for though!
    My garden is still quite damp after all the rain we had yet I’m having to water the pots as they’re so dry. Seems a bit mad.


  3. tonytomeo says:

    Actually, you are not the first to be missing rain. Others have mentioned it too, and some probably miss it more than you do.

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    1. Problem is the rest of the UK has had loads of rain this year. I live in the east side of the country which does not get as much rain. That is why I wrote that with trepidation.

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        Well, that happens too. In California, we can get both problems in the same place in the same year!

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