Six on Saturday 18th April 2020

Hello and welcome to this weeks Six on Saturday.

Well it’s official it looks like I have got at least another 3 weeks off work which is understandable because we are currently living in a dystopian fantasy world at the moment. So that means that I get to spend another 3 weeks in the garden. My garden has never been so organised but as always I am still finding things to do. The only spanner in the works is the lack of rain. After the deluge parts of the country have had I feel a little guilty for saying that. Every night am having to water different parts of Eve garden. It must be at least a good 6 weeks since we have had any meaningful rain up here.

Here is my six.

1. Tulip Ronaldo

These Tulips are flowering for the third year and as you can see they still put in a show. They are planted in one of the small borders at the front of the house and seem to be doing wells. They are growing in numbers every year so hopefully they will continue to flower for a few more years.

2. Tulip Esprit

This tulip did not flower last year for some reason and TBH I forgot I had them. I found the bulbs in a corner of the shed so planted them in the raised bed outside the shed. They should open their weekend but at the moment I am enjoying the Rhubarb and Custard colours.

3. Tulip Groenland Lasagne

After watching a feature on Gardeners Word last year about planting layers of bulbs in a plant lot I decided to give it a go. Unfortunately as you can see it looks like it may have been a disaster. I think I the pot I used was too small. I haven’t given up hope her but next year I think I will just plant these in a single layer.

4. Aubrietia Dr Mules and Double Primrose

I bought this variegated Aubrieta in May and couldn’t. Find anywhere on the garden to plant it in a prominent position to plant it so I planted it in a pot with this Double Primrose and its turned out good. I have placed the pot next to the table on the patio. I will take some cuttings and grow them on and plant them in any spaces I find in one of the small borders in the front of my house.

5. Narcissus Night Cap

I wrote last week that 2 of the 4 varieties of Daffodils I bought last year form Farmer Gracy were the wrong ones. I tweeted Farmer Gracy the one I featured last week to ask them what variety it was and they identified it as Professor Einstein. They also gave me a voucher for the amount of the bulbs sent in error which I didn’t really expect as I was happy with the ones they said. Of course I have not refused the voucher and I will try to order the correct ones this year.

6. Aeonium Emerald Fire

After the disasters of overwintering Aeoniums last year 2018/19 it looks like I have learned from that and my Aeoniums seem to be doing well. This one is coloured a nice green which has thin brown stripes in increased sun. It produces off shoots freely and whilst it is not the biggest Aeonium the rosettes are a fair size and has lots of leaves.

That’s my six for this week.

Thanks for reading.

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Until next week goodbye and stay safe.

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  1. Lovely tulips and your aeonium looking much healthier than mine. I haven’t gots it’s winter arrangements right yet. Loses lots of leaves them spends the rest of the year recovering but taken some cuttings to try to sort.


  2. tonytomeo says:

    This is a lot more spring bulb color than I expected. There are usually mostly succulents here. ‘Ronaldo’ tulip and ‘Night Cap’ narcissus are rad! By the way, I can not see #3.

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    1. Thanks Tony. Try looking at no 3 now Tony.

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        It is there now; but what is so bad about it? It only seems like some of the stems are a bit short, but I do not know how the elongated before bloom.

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  3. fredgardener says:

    I also grow tulips ‘Ronaldo’ but it’s funny to see that yours are not the same color as mine. This most likely comes from the camera. They are so generous
    Your narcissus ‘Night cap’ is a killer! I love it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Fred yes the Night Cap is a good find. I hope all is well.

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  4. That Narcissus Night Cap is a stunner as are the Ronaldo tulips. Your double primrose looks very much like mine which someone on Twitter suggested might be ‘Snow’. One of my lasagne tulip pots did well, the other one not so well – the smaller pot, so you might be on to something with that theory of yours.

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    1. Yes your right the more I look at the Night Cap the more I like it. If I do go for the lasagne method next year it will be in a much bigger pot.

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  5. Lovely tulips. I had a problem with Farmer Gracy and they also dealt with it very well, no complaints at all. Great daff!

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  6. Hopefully the rain we had last night is heading your way. I love the Ronaldo tulips – definitely on the list for next year.

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    1. No we never got the rain unfortunately. I think it fizzled out in the midlands. 🤪

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  7. Cathy says:

    Lovely tulips – particularly love that one that you call ‘rhubarb and custard’. I tried a mix that I thought was going to be like that this year, but they all turned out completely red or completely yellow. Hey-ho! Enjoy your extended gardening furlough!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you don’t worry I will enjoy my gardening furlough! I work for the service industry for pubs and restaurants so by the looks of it I may be on furlough until July.

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      1. Cathy says:

        Well all you can do is enjoy as much as possible! Have a good week!

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  8. Heyjude says:

    Ronaldo is a gorgeous tulip – I think mine are darker than yours, but it is often so hard to replicate colours on a camera and a computer screen! And your Aeonium looks good. My Zwartkop are beginning to get a bit spindly again, but I lost a lot of cuttings over the winter. Either too dry or too wet! I may have to buy some fresh ones once the local nursery is open for business again.

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    1. My Zwarzkop Is looking weird. Very tall with 5 small shoots on the top that are growing fast. If I keep it watered it should be ok. I have just been to my local nursery to pick up some compost and horticultural grit. They take web orders and then call you when it is ready, wheel your trolley into the car park and then you go round and pick it up. Very efficient.


      1. Heyjude says:

        Good you can collect orders. I wonder if mine are doing that. Dobbies.

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  9. Gorgeous tulips – it’ll be interesting to see how the pitfall in picture 3 turn out. The aeonium looks really healthy and what a great picture of the daffodil!

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    1. Yeah I’ll post pictures if they flower. TBH I have just found out I named them as the wrong type of bulb. I have just found the Tulip Groenlands. I really should label things properly.

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      1. I have the same problem!

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    2. Thanks for your comments


  10. The ‘wrong’ daffodils are really pretty, but at least they have been identified, and it certainly was a lovely bonus getting the voucher! The tulips, in particular the red one look wonderful too. I’m interested in the layering of the bulbs in pots and will have a look for the article. I think you are right that using a bigger pot could have worked. Lovely photos.

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  11. cavershamjj says:

    enjoy the enforced gardening leave. at least you’ll have plenty of time for watering! we had some decent rain here on Friday and into Saturday morning, but I will still need to water tonight I think, very dry and no sign of rain in the 2 week forecast.

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    1. Yup I am enjoying the Scandi High. The weather is off the scale at the moment and of it stays like this it will be a great summer. Using the water can at the moment as I ran over the end of my hose in the van. The way I see it is it gives me a little extra exercise every evening.


  12. Beautiful bulbs. We had some rain but I was out there again this evening watering. Too much longer with no work and we’ll be wanting larger gardens!

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