Furloughed….12 weeks of gardening….maybe….Week 9.

Hello and welcome to this weeks SOS.

When I started this mini blog 9 weeks ago I gave it a naff name thinking that the lockdown would not last that long for me. How wrong I was. Most of my work is on the hospitality industry and by the looks of it the hospitality industry is going to be one of the last ones to have the lockdown relaxed and even then there is going to be restrictions. So it looks like my period of furlough is going to be longer than 12 weeks but I am still going to keep the naff name.

The garden is looking really good at the moment and everything plant is looking healthy. I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise as I have been in the garden for at least 3 hours every day during this period. We have even had some rain on a couple of occasions, not much.

This weeks midweek blog features 3 Heucheras.

1. Heuchera Melting Fire

I though I had lost this plant as I had planted it in a to sunny position but moved it to the start of the year to a more shaded position and it has bounced back with vengeance. This has a lovely light burgundy red colour that gets darker if exposed to more sunlight. The leaves are ruffled and medium sized. I don’t think this one will flower this year but hopefully it should flower next year.

2. Purple Palace

3 years ago I bought 6 Heuchera plug plants that were on the bargain bench. It took a long time for them to recover but now I have four healthy plants. The leaves are large and shiny and mostly brown but if you do catch them in the right light they have a wonderful purple sheen.

3. Obsidian

This “award winning” plant has wonderfully coloured leaves that range from maroon, deep purple and black in colour depending on the sunlight. Dark flower stems have started to grow from the base and soon it will produce dark pink flowers that will attract pollinators. This is my personal favourite I have got in the garden at the moment.

That’s it for this weeks mini blog. Thanks for reading and stay safe. Please look it for my Six on Saturday blog at the weekend.

Until next week goodbye.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    One of the many odd chores that I must catch up on from when we did not work is deadheading all these things! I know none of their names. I do not realize how many there are until they need deadheading. I will put it off as late as I can, so that they can toss their seed. Hey, they are nice, and except for deadheading, do not need any attention where they get water. When I deadhead them, the debris gets ground up and tossed where I might want more of them.

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  2. Heyjude says:

    I am not so keen on the darker ones even though I have a couple, but they are pretty tough plants (my Tiarella have died) and much better at fending off the S&S than hostas.

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  3. Obsidian is one of my favourite Heucheras Melting Fire is new to me and very beautiful.

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