Furloughed….12 weeks of gardening….week 12….the end

Hello and welcome to this weeks mini blog during these strange worrying times.

If you notice I have said final I the title as work had got in touch with me at the beginning of every week and said that I may be back at work next week but since then I have not heard anything. Also I am turning into a right lazy so and so.

I mention worrying on my first sentence as rightly so there has been a lot of outrage after the horrific death of George Floyd in America and as with all American News this has affected British Life in a big way. I am not going to get into the politics of it but I cannot help to think there are dark forces manipulating the media in how this is being reported by both sides and this could lead to unrest. I yearn for the days of sensible middle ground politics in Britain but unfortunately this seems so far away.

Here is my six. This week I feature 3 Aeoniums from my collection.

1. Aeonium Zwartkop

This plant was a real ugly duckling last winter. I bought it last year and it grew tall and straggly with very little rosettes but as you can see it has bounced back with gusto. Now to find somewhere to put it next winter.

2. Aeonium Emerald Fire

This plant is an absolute prolific grower. As you can see it is producing a lot of babies and just seems to be enjoying life. As you can see from the photo even the leaves get distressed there is a distinct brown line through the centre of the leaves.

3. Aeonium Cyclops

A single headed for plant that grows a big head. Hopefully next Spring the outer leaves will have turned a dark maroon and will look fantastic. I will probably cut the head off next spring and replant. This should stimulate the left stem to produce babies.

That concludes this weeks minion blog and the series of blogs. Please keep reading my Six on Saturday blog.

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  1. Heyjude says:

    I like your last aeonium. My Zwartkop have struggled since last year when they were attacked by something indoors, possibly whitefly. Now outside they are improving. The cuttings I took on the other hand are looking very healthy. I have just repotted them and may put them outside once it stops being so windy.

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  2. tonytomeo says:

    I will see what you got in the morning.
    ‘Zwartkop’ is one that I have not grown, although one of my two houseleeks is very dark bronze. It never gets any green in it. I do not know what it is, but it used to be popular. The foliage is striking, but the form is too lanky.

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  3. The ‘Zwartkop’ is stunning, and I think that I have one (or more!) of those! They are lovely with their contrasting green and rick chocolate brown colour!

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  4. Hope you hear about work soon. Emerald Fire has gone on the list, it’s stunning

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    1. Yes it’s pretty good isn’t it. Sprouting away for Britant


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