Six on Saturday 11th July 2020. I am still here

Hello and welcome to this weeks six on Saturday.

I didn’t post a blog last Saturday because work has exploded in a big way since I have been back. Partly because some staff are still on furlough but we still have the same amount of work so us who are lucky to be back have been working hard. Unfortunately I have not had anytime to write this weekends blog as my priority this weekend is to get my hair cut and go for a couple of social distancing pints. To keep you going here are 6 photo’s and if I find time I might publish a proper blog by the end of the weekend.

Here is my six.

1. Erygium Big Blue

2. Verbascum Snow Queen

3. Sedum Stahlii

4. Sisyrichium Biscutella

5. Achillea Strawberry Something

6. Random Day Lily

I hope everybody is well.

Until next week goodbye.

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  1. fredgardener says:

    I only have white achillea flowers but yours is so pretty ! Another thing I like this weekend is the Erygium : an eye-catcher, isn’t it ?! 😍


  2. Pleased you have got in a couple of well deserved pints, sounds like you needed them! Although brisk, a lovely six, that sisyrinchium is unusual, but I think I like it. Stay safe and well 🙂


  3. Almost felt I should bow or curtsy when I saw Verbascum Snow Queen. Nice Six.


  4. You were missed last week but these photos make up for that. Hope you manage some time in your garden even though you are very busy.

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  5. Lisa says:

    That is such bright yarrow! I only have the yellow Moonshine, and a little one grown from seed I hope won’t be yellow.

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  6. March Picker says:

    The deep pink yarrow is a stunner! I’m pleased that many gardeners grow eryngium now as they are such standouts. Do yours have an odor like mine do?

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    ‘Random’ day lily sounds funny; like is it Thursday, or is it Monday . . . It’s random!

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  8. Heyjude says:

    Short, but very sweet. Hope you get more time to enjoy your garden, work is so over-rated.


  9. Lovely photos. The Yarrow is just beautiful!


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