Six on Saturday 22nd August 2020

Hello and welcome to this weeks Six on Saturday.

Unfortunately I am still exhausted from work so if it is alright with you this weeks SOS will be another quickie. There is light at the end of the tunnel however as I am off for a couple of weeks at the beginning of September and work is starting to become a little bit more stable after a hectic 9 weeks. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about being busy at work as I realise I am lucky to have a job at these difficult and turbulent times but I really need to work a proper work/life balance.

Any ways enough about me here is my six.

1. Actae Simplex

I featured this plant a couple of weeks ago to show the unusual flower buds and it drew a lot of interest. During my walk around the garden I saw that some of the stalks had started to flower. As I said the flowers are small and star shaped and have a wonderful baby pink tinge.

2. Echeveria Jack Fitzgerald

The mother plant for this was looking a bit sorry for itself at the end of Spring so I chopped off all the offsets and potted them up. It just goes to show if a succulent is struggling don’t be frightened to chop it up into individual plants. I will pot these into smallish individual pots this weekend, smallish because it is coming up to winter and the least soil the roots are in the less chance for major rot.

3. Sempervivum Dragoness

As you know I have many Sempervivums in my collection some people would say to many. This one caught my eye today.

4. Knautia Avensis (Field Scabious)

This can be a bit of a uncouth brut in the garden but I wouldn’t have it any other ways. As you can see pollinators love it and of you keep dead heading it it flowers all summer.

5. Crassula Argh!!!!

I have this prolific growing Crassula that I grow on pots which this time of year looks wonderful and for the life of me I can’t remember what it is called. I guess that’s what exhaustion does for you. Any ways hear is a picture of it. It’s stems are red and as you can see it has wonderful variegated white and green leave which turn red at the edges due the long days of sun at this time of year.

6. Plant Down

As people in the UK will be aware we had some windy weather towards the end of the week. Thankfully we did not have a lot of wind on the East Coast and this is the only casualtyI had. This is Graptoveria Debbie which was in a sorry state at the end of winter this year. But thankfully with a bit of patience it is doing well now. The good news is the smashed pot gives be a good excuse to go to the garden centre tomorrow to but more pots.

That is my my six for this week. Hopefully normal service will be restored next week.

Until next week goodbye!

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  1. That Actae is lovely. How long do those pretty flowers last? Nice selection of sempervivums as well as other plants. Try not to push yourself too hard at work. I know, easy for me to say. Have a good week.

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    1. Should last until the middle of October


  2. Your succulents and sempervivums always look great even when damaged!

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  3. The unknown Crassula is lovely, especially the serrations on the leaf edges. When you remember it’s name do let us know. It’s good that you have some holiday to look forward to

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  4. fredgardener says:

    Great shot of this Actae simplex Paul !…I don’t know if the flowering lasts a long time but in any case you have succeeded in highlighting this one 👍🏻

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  5. Heyjude says:

    Getting a good work/life balance is often difficult when work is busy, but I hope you find a way. And the holiday will help you to recharge the batteries. That Actae is very pretty. I have a very wayward Echeveria which has grown over the edge of the pot it is in, I am not sure whether to cut its head off and try to replant it in the hope it makes new roots, or just hope the stem doesn’t break with the weight! What do you do with the flowers once they have finished? Cut the stalk off?

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  6. tonytomeo says:

    Crassula sarmentosa ‘Variegata’ or ‘Comet’?


    1. tonytomeo says:

      If so, you might want to inform the Quilting Gardener.

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    2. Yup your right I looked it up last night. Will in form the Quilted Gardener

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        I am not familiar with it, but thought it looked similar.


  7. The Actae is great looking. I’ve learnt to move my aeoniums ahead of wind as they seem to be my number one toppling pots. Hope the work life balance resolves itself. I’ve got two weeks until I start work and I think it’s going to be a major shock to the system after a few months at home.

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    1. Wow still on furlough for another 2 weeks. You’ll be fine I am sure.

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      1. No, wasn’t furloughed. I’d just started a job as lockdown started so I was just laid off as wasn’t eligable for furlough. I’ve been looking after Alice so been hard to find anything suitable but starting a new job that can still work around childcare as Alice’s school isn’t doing breakfast club or after school club due to Covid making most 9-5 type jobs impossible.


  8. The Actae is really beautiful colour! Ouch for the Graptoveria ….but I’m sure it will survive! It is an interesting looking plant. I do hope that your work/life balance starts to even out, and a break is probably just what you need!

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