Six on Saturday 17th July 2021

Hello and welcome to this weeks Six on Saturday.

I hope all is well with 1 and all. The weather has been fantastic this week with long hot sunny days and the garden is looking fantastic especially my roses. However this has been tainted with the terrible news of the biblical floods in Germany and the Lowlands. My thoughts go out to all those affected. Such a terrible loss of life.

I must say considering I have neglected my garden all year the garden looks surprisingly good. A little messy but ok. I am managing to get in the garden more often.

1. Sempervivum El Toro

This plant has been struggling for a while as I think the roots got to wet over winter. They may not look like it at the moment but the rosettee they produces some of the biggest rossetes that you will see. I have put this plant in a more grittier soil mix and will put it somewhere more sheltered this winter

2. Sempervivum “Scooby”

I have put Scooby on quotation marks as this is the nursery I bought it from called it. However apart from that one reference on Google there is no other mention of it. There is about 50 species of Sempervivum in the wild but there is around 8000 hybrid varieties out there and it can become pretty heated and factious when people attempt to identify them as the colours depend on how much sun the gets. This is by far the most busiest plant I have got this year and I was tempted to split it up but I am going to leave it as it is and see how it turns out next year.

3. Eryngium Planum Jade Frost

There are many cultivated Sea Hollies out there but this is my favourite. Beautiful variegated light green and cream leaves produce tall spikes with small perfectly formed rosettes that are a wonderfully iridescent silvery lilac colour. I will split this to make more plants next year.

4. Hemerocallis Pink Damask

I have a couple of Day Lillies . I have a bog standard vivid orangey yellow 1 and this one which was labelled Pink Damsk which is a smaller one. I have to admit though I am scratching my head though as this one does not really look pink more a dark orange. Again this just shows you how confusing hybrids can be.

5. Sedum Rupestre Angelique

As you know I do have a few Sedums. Most of them are flowering around the moment and this one of the most prolific ones at the moment.

6. Hosta Paul’s Glory

Not the best picture but this is the only decent Hosta I have this year. I left my other ones in to much sun and somewhat neglected them but I now know where to put them next year.

That’s my six.

This weekend I’ll be doing a bit of gardening abs watching the British GP.

Thanks for reading until next week bye.

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  1. Your plants are obviously quite happy with a little healthy neglect. A lovely variety of plants and colours.

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  2. Katharine says:

    Hi Paul – great to check in and see how your plants are getting on. I had no idea how many varieties of semps there are – 8000 – wow!

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  3. ‘El Toro’ looks a good one. So many Semps, so little space! I’m growing the same Eryngium for the first time this year and it’s a lovely plant.

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  4. Whatever the day lily is (it’s definitely not pink!), it is a really striking colour!


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