Intermission (Six on Saturday 14th August 2021)

Hi and welcome to this weeks Intermission of Six on Saturday.

It was my 50th birthday yesterday and celebrations are continuing today so I am going to chill this weekend. I will however post a picture and some notes of one of my succulents at the end.

This week the weather has been like April with sun and short showers. I have managed to spend a lot of time in the garden and I have been planning for the future which has been a great tonic. Some highlights will be the building of my new 50th border, integration of a new cold frame and mini greenhouse for my half hardy succulents and tackling my big border and digging up and splitting some of the perennials (with the help of my nephew though he does not realise that yet).

Here is 1/6th of my Six on Saturday

1. Echeveria Elegans

I Gave this to my best mate a couple of years ago and it has been left to the elements. It’s been at the back of a east facing fence (so pot has been west facing) and nothing has been done to it. It has also been behind the East Coast mainline embankment that runs through my home town. So it has been protected from East facing winds. It got down to -13 celcius last winter. It was also neglected partly due to the Lockdowns. I am Now going to split it up and give my mate several plants black in separate pots and keep some for myself and will continue the experiment. I love a good garden experiment as there is so many things that can go wrong and it isn’t an exact science as there is so many variables that can effect it including climate and pests and you need to embrace Mother Nature in all her glory and accept failure and success. It can be a good grounding.

So that’s it for this week. Normal service to be resolved next week.

Until next week goodbye.

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  1. A belated happy 50th birthday. Echeveria Elegans looks and sounds like a good ‘un.

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    1. Thanks One Man…..hope all is well. Now for some inexplicable reason I have an ear worm. One man went to mow….

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  2. Hope you had a good birthday yesterday and enjoy today.


  3. tonytomeo says:

    I dunno. There are a lot more than six individual rosettes in there. That is a bit excessive.
    Is Echeveria elegans known as Mexican snowball? I just featured it not too long ago.

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    1. Yes it is also known as Mexican Snowball across here. It seems to be one of the hardiest Echeverias out there. I will have a look at your post.

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        Besides resilient, it is also prolific. I think that is why it is so popular here. It is rather common, and because it is constantly making more, people who grow it are pleased to share. Some might consider it to be mundane because it is so common. I like it because it is so reliable, and also because the strikingly ghastly color.

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  4. Happy birthday! Enjoy your weekend of celebrations.

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  5. fredgardener says:

    Happy belated birthday Paul, …this Echeveria looks so plump! Well done.

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    1. It did Lok very plump. Now it looks like 18 plants all ready to be parents.

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      1. fredgardener says:

        Many babies to come !

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  6. Happy Birthdday for yesterday.


  7. Happy birthday! Enjoy the intermission!

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  8. Happy birthday. As already mentioned, there are still least 6 rosettes so you will be fine.

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