Furloughed….12 weeks of gardening….maybe….week 10

KHello and welcome to this weeks midweek mini blog about my adventures on gardening amongst some of the most strangest times we have ever known.

These blogs are supposed to be a humorous look into my escapades in the garden but after the revelations about Dominic Cummings at the weekend and his refusal to apologise for what most people see as a break of the rules or at the very least the spirit of the rules I have been stomping around the garden in a bit of a mood but that has soon subsided with the warm weather and the fact the garden seems to be doing well.

It has been sunny everyday this week and parts of the garden are taking on a bit of Alpine feel and with this in mind I have included flowers from 2 Alpine plants

I hope you enjoy.

1. Saxifraga Polar Drift

This encrusted Saxifraga (Alpine Saxifraga) is a new cultivar of the species I bought last year along with 4 other cultivars. It has the longest flower stem I have seen on an encrusted Saxifraga and some of the most intricate flowers. It has small white flowers with a egg yolk yellow centre with delicate red spots and stripes on the petals. A real stand out plant and you can tell why it is called polar drift. Encrusted Saxifraga like gritty poor quality soil and don’t like winter wet so unfortunately these can not be grown in some parts of Britain but on the east coast we are pretty lucky with the conditions.

2. Saxifraga Whitehills

Another encrusted Saxifraga J have had this for plant for a few years now. It produced a lot of showers last year but this year it has done absolutely mad. A real showstopper of a plant.

3. Armeria Martina Alba

Again another alpine plant that is producing a lot of flowers this year this plant is planted on top of a dividing wall that has a 10cm gap in between the rows bricks which when I bought the flat was full of soil. The dr wet conditions are ideal for alpines. I have not really featured this wall in my Six on Saturday blogs. One week I may dedicate a whole blog to it.

That’s it for this week.

Thanks for reading. Until next week goodbye.

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  1. The Saxifraga flowers are delicate and beautiful. Interesting plants!


  2. Lovely Saxifrage plants. Yes, I think Mr Cummings has affected the mood of many of us, I would imagine those who have been fined for doing much less will be especially aggrieved. Never mind, back into the garden.

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    1. It wasn’t the fact he said he was protecting his child as someone who has no children I get that. It was the catalogue of small lies…like the press being camped on his door step when he was ill, the trip to Barnard Castle and the bit about his eye site. He also gave the impression that everybody should panic if they get the virus when most of us thankfully will just have a mild version but we need to have the constraints because of you get it bad it is a terrible virus. Also he is at the heart of government and should lead by example. I have a friend that has not seen her 2 new grandkids that have been born during the crisis. Grrrrrrr

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    That Armeria is pretty cool. Is is Ameria maritima? That is what is native to the coastal cliffs here. I actually purchased it once a long time ago because it was easier than stealing it from the cliffs.

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