Six on Saturday 17th March 2018

Happy Paddy’s Day…..I have no Irish ancestry what so ever but I once did some work on the outside of Dublin  and Limerick.   I also lived near Whalley Range in Manchester so with that reasoning I could have played for Ireland under Jack Charlton,

I have been working a lot this week but have managed to spend a couple of in the garden.   Being ooop north the plants are not really sprouting on the same level is darn sarf.

This six on Saturday is Alpine heavy

1.  Clematis and Alpines


I am fairly new to this gardening malarkey but like experimenting.   I have made a little  gravel garden at the side of a trellis which unsurprisingly for me is full of Sedums and other alpines.   I have planted a clematis beside the trellis and I am going to be interested to see how this looks.   The Clematis is called Josephine.  Not a brilliant photo unfortunately but no doubt there will be more to follow later in the year.

2. Sedums in a strawberry container


Another experiment.  Going to see how this turns out.  Sedums include Chinese Sedum (on the top), Sedum Album Goldifinger  (bottom left) and Sedum Selskianum Goldilocks (front)..

3. Sedum Palmeri


Looking rather splendid in between snow showers Plameri.  I think I could plant this in the garden but I am enjoying having it in a wee pot on my windowsill at the moment.

4. Cheap non descript climbing rose


I bought this non descript a climbing rose  White Abundance from Homebase for around £4.50.   Although one sided it seems to be doing well.    It has been fed well and is in a perfect position  Behind it is a Delosperma a perfectly common planting combination right?

5.  A new Sempervivum pot 


Had to use Surreal Succulents in Cornwall again as I was that impressed with the quality of plants I got a last month.  I ordered 4 Sempervivum and 3 Echeveria and again the quality was good.  This is my 4th Sempervivum pot and believe me there will be more.  I want to plant the Echevereia in the garden at the moment they are potted up and in the house on a windowsill.   Just a little bit hesitant of putting them direct in the garden as I don’t know how they will react to the Northern climate.

6 Saxifraga Boldii Faldonside


After a busy week at work I needed a treat ready for a pick me up for the weekend.   I finished work in East Lothian yesterday tea time and I have always wanted to go to Macplants in Boggs Holding new Pencaitland website is Macplants. So I duly went and I wasn’t disappointed.   They have an excellent selection of top quality plants and Alpines.  I bought 7 alpines in total and my favourite was this Sedum Boldii.  Small and compact it is a beauty.   I have planted it directly under the wood of the aforementioned trellis beside some small form Sedums which are becoming established.  More photo’s to follow.

This is my six on Saturday for this week enjoy

If anyone is interested to find out how six on Saturday works please follow the following link The Propagator. The don of six in Saturday.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lora Hughes says:

    Just like I don’t know my Latin names & am learning them here, I don’t know my succulents but suspect you’re going to change all that. I have them, mostly as waifs & strays I took in, but am on a first name basis w/any of them. Love that palmeri & the saxifraga is just wow.


  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    I will be very interested to see how your sedums grow as I’m not familiar with those particular ones. Sedum is something that will grow in my drought and frost prone garden here in NSW and yours might fit the bill. I have a very good sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ flowering at the moment.


    1. I have Autumn Joy. Sedums are really versatile. Living in Northumberland you can’t really call my garden drought prone :). However we do get a few frosts a year.


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