Six on Saturday 15th August 2020 Lite

Morning and welcome to this weeks Six on Saturday Lite.

This weeks is going to be a quick blog as I am feeling a little bit under weather. Don’t worry luckily it’s got nothing to do with the dreaded Coronavirus I am just suffering a bit from exhaustion due to a busy period at work and the heat in Edinburgh got to me a little bit on Wednesday partly because I had been working in a unit with air conditioning and walked into the furnace like heat and I didn’t expect it to be that hot.

Here is my six photos.

1. Dahlia Clearview Daniel

Featured last week as you can see this has opened up fully and looks spectacular.

2. Rudbekia and Erygium mix

Always a winner this combination. As you can see the Erygium platum is just on the turn from it’s purple flowers to it’s fabulous golden brown colour when it starts to die back. Just in the background you can see Geranium Roseanne which I have moved so it can flower freely and grow up the Rudbekia.

3. Dahlia Hadrians Sunset

The only other Dahlia flower I have in my garden at the moment. It is a fantastic flower and as you can see a wee beastie likes it so much it has had a nibble.

4. Erygium Big Blue

As mentioned previously this plant is moving from the vibrant blue flowering stage to the beautiful seed heads. The blue on the “collar” has going more silvery as well.

5. Hermoncallis Pink Damsk

This flower as you can see is a lovely colour and flowers later than other varieties I have.

6. Echeviera Canculata

One of the unusual Echerverias. This one has large leaves with bubbly growths on the leaves.

That’s it for this week.

Until next week goodbye!

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  1. The colour combination in Dahlia Clearview Daniel is really beautiful. I love it! The Erygium is looking good too, and after seeing everyone’s plants on SoS, I have to say I am tempted to try these plants too. The other striking flower is that of the Day lily. It is just lovely. A great Six! Hope you feel better soon.


  2. JohnK says:

    I was getting happily resigned to the fact that dahlias and I don’t mix well and then along comes that guy Daniel and I want to try once more. At least I have so many daylilies here that, despite there always being another stunner I don’t have, I have developed herd immunity! Hope you’re feeling your normal self soon.

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  3. Lovely, bright colours and weird, but interesting, Number 6. Hope you feel better soon, I’m afraid I’m a Killjoy when it comes to hot weather, it doesn’t agree with me nowadays. Look after yourself.

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  4. fredgardener says:

    Gorgeous Rudbekia Eryngium mix…and a colorful daylily. Mine were orange or yellow. Pink is pretty too..

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  5. That blue and yellow Rudbekia and Erygium combo looks good together. Our office at work has been like a furnace – you hit a wall of hot thick air as soon as you walk in. Not pleasant. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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  6. Hope you feel a bit better. I’d like a better erygium variety. Mine is a bit thin and weedy and not as blue as I’d like.

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  7. The heat got to me too this week, especially on Wednesday! I’m going to have to get a hemerocallis pink damsk – gorgeous! You’re so tight about the colour combinations with the sea holly, very attractive. Hope you’re feeling better soon

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  8. You’ve captured the Eryngium at a lovely stage. Mine are completely brown now – not so attractive. Love number six, I’ll be on Surreal Succulents website any minute now!

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  9. Hit send too soon. Hope you’re feeling better soon

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  10. Heyjude says:

    That daylily is very pretty. As is the dahlia, but I am soo not going to be tempted to grow them again! Unless… (maybe they do better in a container?)

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  11. tonytomeo says:

    Is ‘Big Blue’ eryngium the old cultivar that was popular back in the 1980s? The name sounds familiar; and the bloom looks more familiar than the bloom of other cultivars.

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  12. cavershamjj says:

    that’s the trouble with dahlias. you give up then see something fabulous and you come back for more! blue and yellow is a good combination, like it.


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